Oak Grove Gun Dogs


Boarding Rates

At Your Home - $15/day

At Our Kennel - $10/day

Training Rates

Puppy Pre-K - $500 (6 week program)

Basic Obedience - $400 (4 week program)

Obedience Tune Ups -$150 (2 week program)

Huntin' Buddy Program - $600 (6 week program)

Why Are OGGD Rates So Low?

Do not mistake our inexpensive rates with low quality.  We are a first rate kennel with experienced and knowledgeable trainers!  We are able to keep our rates so low because of the size of the kennel.  By keeping our overhead low we are able to pass that savings on to the dog owner.  Our size also allows us to give each dog much more personal time than you would get in a bigger kennel.  Now, there is one draw-back to a smaller kennel – we only have room for a select few dogs.  Our size dictates that we screen each dog, and their owner, to make sure that there is a commitment from all parties to achieving a world-class companion!  Here at OGGD we are deeply committed to your dog being as good as it can be – so we keep costs low, give more hands on care, and work with only a select few dogs!  Come experience the OGGD difference!


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