Oak Grove Gun Dogs


Hi Patrick.

Smoke is doing great. I had him neutered 2 wks ago. 
He swam on his own for the first time yesterday. He is gaining confidence.  He now plays with the horse and knows how to lead the horse with a leadline.  
He is kind to the cats, after getting swiped a few times by the 20 yr old one.
He was terrified of thunder & lightening, but was ok with last night's storm once we got home. He is still a bit inconsistent, cowers at some things, but is quite obedient, is an alert guard dog, carries his tail high, and loves to hide his toys under piles of leaves, like a squirrel. 
I meet lots of people who dont know the breed, including 3 Weimerainer OWNERS who thought he is a young Weimerainer! 
It is a good match. I thank you again.

- Hilary 


I have been extremely pleased with the kenneling experience provided by OGGD to my dog, Charlie.  It has been great to have a place to leave Charlie and have the peace of mind knowing he will receive excellent care.  OGGD is uniquely attentive to the needs of my dog to ensure he is taken care of during his stay.  They have not only given Charlie his basic needs, but have showed him affection while he was there.  I am very appreciative of the care that OGGD has offered to Charlie.


 I had an exceptional experience boarding my 2 golden retrievers with OGGD!  Patrick offered outstanding service & expertise!  My dogs received excellent care and loved being a part of Patrick's "family" of dogs.  They got wonderful exercise and I could always tell by their demeanor that they were receiving lots of love and attention.  You won't find a more talented, easy-going person to provide loving care for your "family member".

I trust Patrick totally . He treats every dog like it is his own.

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